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Christopher Calabrese
Founder ~ Owner 
Financial Coach

After, having about 20 years in retail and with more then half of that self-employed. Chris chose to pursue his passion, which is helping others take control over their finances. Married and with 6 boys they know the importance and challenges of managing their money and telling it how to act. Chris and his wife Clara are diligently and persistently on purpose making sure that their family is secure today and tomorrow. After, about 8 1/2 years they finally reached their goal of being debt free including their house. (You can read more of their story in the blog section). 

Over the years Chris Calabrese's passion has led him to volunteer his time and materials to teach classes at churches and local community centers. He has served all ages from high school to those in retirement. Chris also went through Financial Coach Master Training (FCMT) with Ramsey Solutions in Tennessee and has coordinated 5 Financial Peace University courses. His heart is that everyone would experience financial freedom and to leave an inheritance. He walks with individuals, families, non-profits, churches, and small businesses on their paths to financial freedom.

He is focused to serve his clients by guiding them on their path to financial success.

"Your tomorrow depends on the choices you make today" - Chris Calabrese

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