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Debt and Despair

Debt and Despair (our story)

My wife Clara and I have been married for almost 15 years and have 5 strong and energetic boys. Clara and I started our journey as high school sweethearts, who said they don’t last; a couple of years later we got married and since then have learned a lot of lessons and unfortunately the hard way. Clara has a servant’s heart and was a master in this area but finances not so much. I have been self-employed in retail and distributions for over 10 years. Here is our story.

We were just like the average couple starting out, broke and broke. We didn’t have much because we couldn’t afford anything not even payments, which at that time we weren’t even good enough (couldn’t get approved) to be the banks servants. When it came to money we used to argue over nothing literally because that’s what we had nothing. My beautiful bride didn’t have much understanding and wasn’t taught about finances, which lead to her knowledge of basically if she wanted something you just go get it. I on the other hand with my vast knowledge of money (sarcasm) was in order to get stuff, you need to build your credit score up and don’t focus on the interest because everyone pays it, that’s the way of life. Clara and I now holding hands and skipping down our path of debt and despair with smiles on our faces and had no clue what’s around the corner. …To be continued next Monday. Follow Your Path Financial

Chris Calabrese - Financial Coach

Your Path Financial


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