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Debt and Despair part 2

Debt and Despair Part 2

We had to have nice shiny and dependable cars, so give me 2 of those and a couple of credit cards, I mean after all they said we were “approved” what an honor, right? Oh, wait don’t forget we had to buy a house we’ve been married 1000 days and make $8 an hour and someway somehow we were “approved”. I realized real quick what a disaster I have agreed to not only did I sign a 360 month contract and by the time I would be done paying this 1 house off I would have paid for 2 -3 houses, but remember we don’t look at that because everyone does it. Of course since we have a 3 bedroom house you have to fill the rooms, right? Then came our newborn son, which isn’t expensive at all, right? Our utilities went up 2x – 3x’s higher the next winter and although I got a $.50 raise it didn’t quite even it out and every month we took out of our little bit of savings. Ok, now its panic mode extra jobs and forced to change jobs, which with the substantial pay increase we could breathe again, finally. Then I bought a business with next to no money to put down, which was about all the money we had. With gas prices at $3 a gallon and being in the delivery business wasn’t looking so good. With plenty of stress and high tension in the household baby number 2 came along. Then we relocated to NJ and continued the process of “debt and despair” but I believe that God had us where he wanted us, because most of the doors to financial non-sense were closed off to our magic pen. At this point we were getting very sick and tired of debt and paying more for things then we should be. I looked up this man named Dave Ramsey that I heard on the radio and we joined an FPU class, which revolutionized our finances, marriage and legacy. Since the number 1 reason for divorce is money fights, I figured if we get this behind us we could focus on other things in marriage

.…To be continued next Monday.

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