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Debt and Despair part 3

Clara and I took Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey about 8 years ago and the class changed our marriage and financial behavior. We use to argue about money and the lack of, consistently. When we first took FPU we paid off over $57,000 in the first 9 months by budgeting, selling a bunch of stuff, and staying focused on our goals of being debt free. It was something we didn’t think was possible, because we thought we would always have debt (not true). We did all types of nonsense with debt including business debt which totaled almost $500k not including our mortgage or how much we paid in interest. Oh, and all on a single income as we also homeschool our boys and never filed for bankruptcy. God’s principles are simple, but difficult and in our case impossible without Him. It also helped that Clara and I were on the same page. Fast forward 8 years of discipline and sacrifice, now being in our mid 30’s we have paid off $725k and are completely debt free including the house. FPU has changed our lives and our family tree and you can do the same. God is good and He is faithful.

Over the years I have volunteered my time to help all ages from high school to those in retirement and coordinated 5 classes of FPU (Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University). I since went through Financial Coach Master Training (FCMT) with Ramsey Solutions in Tennessee and now we have started a new chapter in our lives by adding 1-on-1 financial coaching.

I am sure you are aware that money is intertwined in and through in almost, if not every area our lives. The number one cause of divorce in America is money problems and in the first 5 years it is the most substantial cause. So, with America’s debt being in the trillions and the rise of divorce in the back drop I feel an urgency to serve everyone that I can with managing their money to fit their path that they create with goals and dreams one house hold at a time. Let’s leave a great legacy for our children’s children and for those whom don’t have children leave the inheritance to nephews, nieces, and other family members. Give to your neighbor’s kids, big brother and sister groups, churches, I mean let’s get crazy and give so much that it makes the news of this radical movement. Now, don’t get me wrong I understand that reality is our finances are a mess as a whole. 88% of American’s are living pay check to pay check and are just trying to keep their heads above water. I say this to let you know you are not alone but that really shouldn’t be encouraging because I just got done telling you the majority of people are hurting financially and keep going in that direction. I say that with sincerity and passion to help others experience and reach their financial goals.

Being debt free is so freeing that it causes me to want to give and do more to help others. I’m just saying we sacrificed in many areas for many years that it’s such a good feeling that all the money we make and put our hands to is ours not the banks. What kind of legacy are you going to leave…? “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children” Prov. 13:22a

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