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Looking Forward

Do you remember when you were a child and your only worries were cleaning your room and not spilling the milk? For the most of us we didn’t have to worry about shelter or food, actually we never even gave it a second thought. The rest of us, well their stories might have been different and didn’t live that life, but your responsibilities now probably still out way those of childhood. I have 5 boys and I see them run around and play without a care in the world, they don’t worry or give any thought to what bills are due next or how much. What happened to us from that innocent little boy or girl were we don’t what Monday to come, or theirs too many days in this month for our paycheck, or they won’t stop calling and harassing us for the money that’s owed? Why are we here again and again? Is this my purpose in life? We ask ourselves many questions, but don’t have the answers to bring us to that freedom that we not only dreamed about but lived briefly as children. Reminiscing and missing those days where you played house and were smiling, where playing sports and thought you were a super star, where we looked forward to the next birthday party as soon as this years was done.We can’t go back in time but only miss those days and that’s ok as long as you don’t stay there. The great thing is that we are not children anymore, which means we are more educated by schooling and life experiences and capable to reach our dreams and goals. Just like we had to learn how to behave in public (some of us) as well have to learn how to make our money behave. What do I mean by making our money behave? Well, I am more addressing our behavior and discipline with our greatest financial asset, the money that goes through our fingers, I am not talking about some get rich quick scheme. Somewhere down the line we took our eyes off of money and it went wild. Think of it this way if you don’t plan to clean your house it won’t accidentally clean itself, if you don’t plan to stop and get gas the car will stall out, it won’t magically fill itself (unless your spouse fills it). So, let’s take control of our finances! Let’s teach our money how to behave and change our family tree!

Stay tuned for budgeting 101

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