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Coach or No Coach

Coach or No coach,

who is on your team?

This blog is meant to get you thinking about the importance of a coach on your path to the championship of financial freedom and to answer some questions you might have as to what a coach does. I will also touch on the importance of leaving an inheritance to your children for those who now have or might have children in the future. Many of us have and will learn most of our financial knowledge from family. In fact we learn a lot more than just finances from relatives or close friends however we won’t touch on that too much today.

Think of all the preparation that goes into a sports team, especially a great team. There are a lot of hours, blood, sweat, and tears that goes into being on a sports team. You can choose any sport and you will agree that it can be very exhausting to get ready for your teams season. You build relationships with your team mates and fans with no effort at all, because you’re all in it together at some capacity or another. Now, for most of us that season of our life has ended, except for those who made it to the pros, which are slim to none of those who were on your team.

The other important part of your team is the coaching team. They spend many hours planning and preparing for those games by getting your team ready. This includes team building, practices and drills that are precise and specific for the team goals in that season also preparing for the situations that they will find themselves in while considering the risks that they could face. Keep in mind that the coaches don’t ever play in the game, but are a very valuable and a key component in the team’s success as well as in the player’s individual success. When your team is down by 10 points and you feel like the game is over the coach gives hope by sticking to the goal that the team has set: “WIN.” He or she does this by taking your team’s building, practices and drills while keeping the team focused and looking toward the next period and not the previous periods.

Now I know I am comparing your financial path to a sports team and in many ways it is just like that except there are a couple big differences; 1) you aren’t going against one team at a time but against hundreds if not thousands of teams that spend millions of dollars and they aren’t out to win the championship but to make money off your team in any way possible that boarders legality from your team reaching success and depending on how much you train for your financial freedom is what determines your success. 2) One of the other differences is that this affects your everyday life and determines your future and affects your children’s future as well. I am not just talking about an inheritance which is a factor as well but as I addressed earlier in this article children learn through watching and listening to us and if we don’t correct our bad habits now then our next generation will continue in them without question until they find themselves in more debt than we probably were and are sick and tired of it. Let’s lead by example even if it’s just for their sake.

Your financial team:

If you are single this involves you and a trusted accountability person. You are in control of your financial decisions. Keep in mind that you have a circle of influence: brothers and sisters, niece and nephews, cousins, friends, co-workers and maybe even your parents etc…

If you are married, your spouse and children (the whole house hold) is affected. All of your team mates are a part of the plan in one way or another and in some form of capacity. The husband and wife are the captains of the team and they are the decision makers on the court of life.

Your Path Financial Coaches are here to teach and prepare you to set your goals and reach them. We keep your team accountable to your path that you have chosen and focused on your goals. Our goal as your coach is to be there for you and to answer your questions. We empower you to make the decisions that will help you reach your goals and that will make you successful.

You can do it!

Proverbs 1:5 A wise man will hear and increase in learning, And a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel

Proverbs 13:22 (NASB) A good man leaves an inheritance to his [a]children’s children, And the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous.


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