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“The little engine that could or Eeyore?”

Art by Gabriel Calabrese (10 years old)

“The little engine that could or Eeyore? ”Who do you feel like or better yet sound like, the little engine that could or Eeyore. We seemed to have a lot of negative and depressing influential voices against us including, family, friends, employers, advertisements, world view etc… How are we to drown out all the noise that keeps us from our goals? How are we to keep faith and keep our head up through life’s challenges? How are we to stand strong and not let anyone interfere with our priorities? Most importantly we need to pray and be focused on our purpose on earth. We need to invest in ourselves with resources such as time, finances, exercise and great company; which includes family, friends and church family. Those that love you enough to rejoice with you and help you carry your burdens through prayer. With your time you can educate yourself at no cost these days through the library, internet, podcasts, e-books, etc… If you want or need to get in shape then start moving and exercising, now I understand it’s not just that easy but the point is do something about it, get the coach (personal trainer) that’s going to make you sweat to reach your goals. You can’t have all business and no play so get hooked up with friends and family members that respect your goals and love you through them by encouragement and fun. To reach your financial goals or just too plain get out of the mess you one day woke up to, need all the above and sometimes more. Finances have a fear factor that has been created around money and that is one of the important jobs of a financial coach is to show and educate self-empowerment through your finances. Once, you understand the unknowns then fear has no place and you can grab onto freedom with a death grip, which works really in any situation. Take riding a bike or driving a car for the first time, after you are taught how and you experience winning then the fear goes away. So, I ask you again who are you more like the little engine that could or Eeyore? On one side nothing could stop or change the path of the little engine, but on the other hand Eeyore probably wouldn’t have even made it to the hill, honestly probably wouldn’t have gotten off the couch. We have to live life with a purpose. It’s very difficult or maybe even impossible to be motivated about something that we are not passionate about. I urge you to be like the little engine and don’t let anything change your path, now keep in mind that their will absolutely be nay say-ers, but keep your head up and put your blinders and headphones on to drown the noise out. You can do it!

“Your attitude directs your path."


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