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Kids and money

Why it’s important to teach your children about finances

When you think about money what comes to your mind? I can tell you when I was a child my thoughts about money was how I can spend it for what I wanted or needed. Most children only think of themselves and plan to spend money they haven’t even received. We have to teach them the valuable lessons of handling finances while they are young or their finances will handle them when they get older. We can prepare them for a better future if we just take the time to teach them valuable tips for dealing with money. What do you think your 10 year old would do with $100 if you gave it to him? Would he manage it well or blow it on another purchase he doesn’t need? You be the judge of that but odds are if you teach them they will use it wisely. Let’s help our children with a plan and it will help them in the long haul. We can teach our children how to be mature and responsible with their money. Let’s take the time to think it through.

To be continued...

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