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Don't Be Foolish!

I know some situations in life have a way of knocking you down but you have to get back up. It doesn’t matter how many times you get punched you have to keep your head up and defend yourself. You are in charge of your path. You must decide to change the direction you are going in. In the ring of life you have to give it your all! Debt and despair may get you down but don’t get knocked out. Get up and win your debt free title.

There is a story in Matthew 7: 24-27; It tells a story about a wise and a foolish builder. What if I told you to go build your house on the sand; would you go do it? I surely hope not, but that’s what you are doing when you choose to continue living your life in debt. You are risking everything if your foundation is debt because as you know debt is not a good foundation. I understand if that’s where you started and you didn’t know but now you know and can change. Building your life in debt will only cause your house to fall because of an improper foundation. It’s time to make a change. Be a wise builder by becoming debt free. You can do it!!!

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