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Which path are you on?

I had something on my mind from my missions trip to Guatemala as a teenager that helped me think about another question, I will ask you in a few. In that country the roads are bad; but there’s just not enough money for nice roads like in America. The poor children from town would go and fill in the huge pot holes with dirt for those that were visiting in hopes that they would earn money for their families. There were even toddlers with just their diapers on but no shoes or clothes. When I saw this and many other situations it broke my heart and revealed to me what true poverty is. When I came home I decided to give lots of things away. We are so blessed in many ways but we don’t have to live a life of poverty because of debt. We don’t have to live pay check to pay check and we surely don’t have to pretend we have so much by purchasing items we can’t afford. We need to be real with ourselves. Finally, I’m ready to ask you my question: Would you knowingly go down a road full of pot holes? I hope not! I can tell you it is not a fun ride and it takes a long time to get to your destination. If you try to drive through the pot holes faster you will surely damage your car and I don’t think you want to do that. Getting into debt can happen so fast but getting out is a different story. The process of paying things off takes so much longer. Do you want to stay in a pot hole or rut? Will you choose your path to help you to gain financial freedom?

Think about what I am saying. Can the blind lead the blind? Matt 15:14 No or they will both fall in the ditch. Why are we willingly choosing debt? Why are we letting debt lead us into the ditch of despair? Open your eyes and let go of debt’s hand and choose your path to a road that is paved with hope and freedom. Go up the road that leads to a better destiny of financial wholeness. It is possible and you can do it! Remember you are in control of your path. Are you longing for a debt-free life? Proverbs 13:12 Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. Your hope can become a reality but you must take the steps in the right direction!

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