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We all have to make choices

How to choose

Have you ever wondered how do I choose a financial coach or financial professional? Have you ever asked yourself, where do I start? You are not alone and these are common questions you should be asking. Get educated, sounds easy enough. There is so many “financial professionals” (quote unquote) how to know if they are legit and going to work well for you?

5 keys to look for when choosing your team:

  1. Trust – If you don’t trust the coach you are talking with then be polite and get out quickly. It’s very important on who you choose on your team.

  2. Are they talking at you or to you You want someone on your side that is looking for your best interests. How in the world will they know what your goals are if they aren’t listening to you and treating you like a person.

  3. Have I learned anything – It is very important to YPF (Your Path Financial) to educate, but also empower our clients with understanding of why and how we came to the recommendation(s) we specifically chose in order to reach your goals that you set.

  4. Who’s in control? You should always be in control of your personal financial decisions, because they are personal to you. The team plays the game not the coach.

  5. Did they buy what they’re selling? How are they living? Are they debt free? Are they financially successful? Don’t go to a hair dresser if they’re hair is jacked up, don’t go to a mechanic if his car is always broke down, and don’t get advice about finances from a broke person.

Tip: These keys will work in many areas of your life.

Keep in mind they need to focus on YOU and YOUR goals not their own. The greatest issue is that we don’t take the time or money to invest in ourselves and as the saying goes “time flies.” Before you know it you’re in your 50s or 60s and you are wondering “how am I going to retire”. Take control today and call Your Path Financial to book your first session to financial success.


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