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Summer Fun on a Budget!

Summer time is here and the children will be looking for something to do. If you don’t plan accordingly you will overspend. But I have good news for you. It doesn’t cost a lot to entertain children. None of these ideas are new, but sometimes we need a reminder. Break out the bug spray and sunscreen and have a happy summer!

1. Go on a hike

2. Check out a new playground

3. Draw with chalk in the driveway/sidewalk

4. Blow bubbles

5. Crank up the music and have a dance party

6. Go on a picnic

7. Play a board game

8. Do a random act of kindness

9. Run through the sprinkler

10. Light up a bonfire and make s’mores

11. Attend a local festival/craft show

12. Play hopscotch

13. Fly a kite

14. Visit your local library

15. Stargaze

16. Go swimming @ a friend’s house or local beach/lake

17. Make homemade lemonade

18. Go on a bike ride

19. Handwrite a letter or make a drawing for a grandparent

20. Tell knock-knock jokes

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