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I have shared a few blogs in the beginning and throughout the summer regarding how to save money and make some quick cash. Summertime is a great time to make easy money. If you didn’t get around to taking advantage of some of those ideas don’t worry and start today!

The summer will be over sooner then you know it. I hope you’re doing great with your budgets. Hopefully I’ll be hearing all about the debt payoffs this summer. I also understand that that is not the story for everyone and that summer can be challenging to stick to your budget. The summertime has its challenges, which can throw your schedule off especially since it demands different obstacles then school time. Start today!

Binder, Notebooks and pens- OH MY! School time is right around the corner so it’s very important to get back to your budgets. If you don’t have any children then you most likely have different challenges but summer can still be a budget buster. I understand if you fell off track with your budget, but don’t keep going in that direction. Get back on your path in order to reach your goals.

As you add additional money to the clothing fund and maybe even miscellaneous envelope you don’t want to forget to put a number on your child’s materials as well. Look through what you have left over from last year in order to save money. Some parents have even taken inventory of their materials and checked it off as they needed it. Do what you can in order to get organized, which consequently is a saving device in itself. You can do it!

It’s ok if we are a couple days into the new month. Start today!

FYI: Christmas is in December, dont let this sneak up on you! Start planning today!

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