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The Holidays are coming

We’ve made it through back to school night and it’s officially fall. The leaves are falling off the trees and we have all the beautiful foliage. Fall comes in with challenges but also a lot of excitement. We went over some exciting ideas in our previous blog. Check out “Fall Fun on a Budget!” for some ideas.

I want to get us prepared for one of the greatest budget breaking events which happens every year at the same time. Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Yes, that’s right, these are two of my favorite holidays and they are budget busters. For some of us we are still paying for last year and maybe even the previous years as well. It doesn’t have to be this way, you shouldn’t put yourself through the stress that comes with it.

We need to take control of our finances and not let material things destroy our futures.

My wife and I believe that when we go outside of our budget then we are spending our future and our boys’ inheritance. That may sound harsh to some of you, but I am committed to speaking open and honestly. I know for some of us holidays can be difficult for many different reasons. The stress, anxiety and depression that sometimes comes can cause us to overspend. Talk with your financial accountability partner to discuss purchases and avoid emotional shopping. I’d like to also add that there is no shame in seeking the help of a counselor, our mental health is so important. Be proactive!

Thanksgiving is a holiday that we are reminded to be grateful. Like many households we go around the table and everyone shares what we are grateful for. Being a house of five boys we get some great laughs on Thanksgiving, every night at dinner time for that matter. In a world that tell you to buy the biggest and newest thing, Stay focused on family and express gratitude for what you have.

There are 6 weeks until Thanksgiving so it’s not too late to add a “Thanksgiving” category to your budget.


Tip: Estimate the total of how you much Thanksgiving costs and divide it by 6 and then put that amount a side in an envelope each week. Sample: $150/6=$25 per week


We have a little over 10 weeks until Christmas.

It’s not too late to budget Christmas just like Thanksgiving. Christmas is very similar to Thanksgiving when it comes to family and friends but the debt piles up with endless swipes of your credit card. Christmas is so commercialized that it makes me upset thinking about the out of control spending.

Christmas is about giving not borrowing. Hmmm???

Christmas in our home is focused on the birth of Jesus Christ. We spend more time going through advent and devotions that will bring us to a more grateful heart toward God, family, and community. The LORD came down and prepared Himself for us. If you believe this then think about how marvelously God the creator of all, plans. He is a planner! That’s right, He has a plan for all of us. How much more do we need to plan? Get involved in church and community.

This budget explosion season doesn’t have to be stressful , you can take steps to ensure it is enjoyable. Life is about people not things. Let’s not take our lives and those that our lives touch for granted.

Let’s be givers not borrowers!

You can do it!

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