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Prepare for Growth

The information in this blog can be applied to your personal life but also if you are a business owner. This will save and make you $100,000’s and in some cases millions of dollars. I offer this information as a tool to better yourself and/or business.

Prepare to grow. It is safe to say by now you know that change is inevitable. You can’t stop it but you can in most cases change change. Its’s probably better if I say you can direct change or stand in the path of change. Maybe I should’ve titled this change. Ok, think back to 10 years ago. You probably don’t have the same job, same car, live in the same house, same clothes, same hair style, same hair color, same knowledge, etc… I am sure we could go on and on. We are responsible to decide the direction of change. This is not a control or a positive thinking issue.

Keep following. The short list I mentioned above are all areas that are our responsibility. Meaning we ultimately have control to direct or initiate change. You chose the car you buy, the shoes you buy, the color of your hair, etc… Now sadly in many cases the sales person, dealership, hair saloon, media try to take the control from us and we let them. Remember you are still the one that said yes. As I am laying out the change aspect of our lives, which I know I am being a little redundant. I want you to understand that you are in control of most things. There is a wise proverb that says...

“Understanding is a fountain of life to one who has it, But the discipline of fools is folly.”

We’ll start with personally preparing for growth. We need to take the time to invest in ourselves and the direction we want to head toward. No matter if you have children or not you are going to end up somewhere on some path. Think of a runner they prepare rigorously in order to reach their destination. They don’t just show up and run. Think of an expecting mother. The baby is going to be here in about 9 months if all goes well. You want to be prepared before the due date by learning breathing techniques, what to expect, how to take care of your new born child, etc... If you are expecting reach out to Loving Birth Services they are great to work with. If you want to be a Doctor you have to prepare with schooling, internships, finances (paying cash of course). I hope I got my point a crossed. You have to prepare in life to reach your goals. I challenge you to think of a goal that you want to reach and then do some research (prepare) on how to achieve that personal goal. Immerse yourself in that area of your goal. Shut the TV off and study. Go to the nearest library and pull some books on the topic. Go and talk to someone that is succeeding in that area. You can do it!

The average person will have 12-15 jobs in their lifetime – according to Forrester Research. You probably don’t live in the same place 10 years ago.

This is for those that have businesses. I personally have almost 15 years of experience being self-employed and owning several businesses from start-ups to existing businesses. I understand and respect the difficulty of owning a business. As I serve other businesses I see a trend of being stagnate. It isn’t planned, which is the problem in itself, but business owners are so focused on the day to day like, product, pricing, ordering, employees, Government, bills, repairs, and oh customers. If you look at your business as a gallon pitcher then you are limited to hold up to a gallon. You are limited to inventory, employees, customers, and growth. Also, still water is stagnate which creates fungus and other harmful bacteria’s, which affect everyone that the business reaches. Think of your business as a river because it’s moving and reaching further then that gallon of water. Now you have to prepare that river for the rain when it comes and it will come. You have to plan for future growth so you don’t get in over your head and drown in debt. Yes debt plagues businesses even more then personal. We justify debt in businesses because it’s an investment. Its good debt which is like saying I am right handed so cut off my left hand since I don’t use it as much. Awful analogy but that’s what debt does to you. It cripples you and holds you back from your full potential.

Prepare by forming a budget which is set up similar to a personal budget just bigger numbers and different categories. Plan for those future expenses. Plan for growth and what that might look like. Get your team together and start setting realistic goals with timelines. Set those goals with weekly action plans to keep you on track. If this sounds overwhelming it’s ok you are not alone. Give us a call 856-318-4350. Prepare your business like you are going for the gold medal in the Olympics. Condition yourself and your business as well.

Don’t forget why you chose your business and who you are serving.

Proverbs 21:5 Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity,

but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty. - NLT

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