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Side Hustle Lyft/Uber

This interview is with someone who has over 7,000 rides with Lyft & Uber. You definitely want to read this if you have ever thought of doing any ride share. Sit back and enjoy.

Week 2 Ride Share - Lyft and Uber

Just a synopsis here,.. I've been working with Uber for 3 years and also lift, you can go back and forth with each company. I have over 7,000 rides taken with both companies combined oh, I love the opportunity, because it's very flexible. When I'm slow with my business, this is an excellent way to at least generate an income to offset your expenses, whatever you make consider a quarter to 1/3 of the money you make is going back into your expenses. I am a landscaper, and I'm very busy during spring summer and early fall, but I still find time to make money doing a little bit of Uber and Lyft. In the late fall and all through the winter I make it my full-time job, when there's no grass to cut or landscaping projects are very few,.. it's a very good filler for me and many others. Try it and see if you like it! The GPS you use with them will tell you exactly where to go to pick up your first ride, then when you do with the prop tells you, you're off to take them to where they're going, and from that point you'll probably get another ride somewhere else, so on and so forth. When you're ready to call it a day, you can set in a destination back towards your home so that you can make money on the way back as your ending your day. It works for me and you will get used to it. When you get into the routine of things it should work very smooth for you. It's an awesome opportunity to witness to people along the way as I have and led many people to the Lord. It could just be by the music you're playing and then starting a conversation, of course first focus on what you're doing, when you are confident you can do some casual talking as time goes on. No regrets only had a few little minor problems here and there, but nothing big,.. no other major things you should know, if it's a real long ride they let you know.

- Steve

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