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Tips to help in a crisis

Tips to help in a crisis

We all have been affected by the Covid 19 crisis. Now to some of us it has just been inconvenience but to most of us it has changed the way we live. Some are losing jobs, losing sleep, losing loved ones, losing their minds. I want to address the emotional aspect of a crisis. The first thing that appears usually is fear. You don’t want to act on fear but instead accept that there will be things that you can’t control and even understand. It’s OK and you will get through it. It is only a season and it will pass just as seasons do.

Financially the first thing to go is your money and this is the time to hold on to your friend called “Budget.” Remember your budget is your road map to life’s journey or ingredients to that amazing recipe of life. You don’t want fear to run your household or life for that matter. I will list some tips down below on what you can do in a crisis to help ease the worry. Now I understand that some of you don’t have a job or are collecting unemployment which is a huge pay cut. Everyone can use some of these tips.


Budget – Stick to budget. Budget essentials – 4 walls first

Cut extra expenses - (Hulu, Netflix, cable package)

Review cell phone plans - (don’t over pay for services you don’t need – hint data). Some of you are working from home so cut the data back and use your wifi.

Pause on paying down on debt – This is especially if you are out of work or if job is unstable.

Emergency fund – only use if it is an emergency. Stick to your budget. Don’t make fear purchases.

Gas money – Cut gas money back if you are working from home

Food money – Food bill will go up for most of you so make sure to budget that. You can take out of entertainment category.

Meal planning – As always make sure to meal plan. It is very important to your budget and it makes shopping much easier.

Minimize trips to store – Don’t make a bunch of stops especially in a virus crisis only go out if it is an absolute necessity.

If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact me.

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