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I am 45 single, never married and embarking on living debt free. I started with my first accountability partner in 2010. Then Financial Peace University and a new accountability partner.

Last year, I clicked on ask a coach. This week I connected with that coach. Boy, he is worth every penny!

1. Compassion - Chris is patient, I asked a zillion questions prior to booking an appointment.

2. He put the main thing as my main thing, I am now back on track.

3. Inspirational - Chris has an awesome story of overcoming which empowered me to knock out 2 of the 3 goals he and I set for me to accomplish.

4. Coach vs. Accountability Partner: I have skin in the game. I paid for my time with Chris and he worked on my behalf, while calling me out. Acct. Partners typically don't have hours to pick through my finances to give me direction or to correct bad or misguided thinking. I am grateful for them, but they aren't as effective as Coach Chris Calabrese. In one week I went from Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step 1 to now working on baby step 3!


Chris was so encouraging when I spoke with him. He prayed with me and empathized with my current situation! He was able to point

me in the right direction so that I can get my money straight!




I have had the pleasure of having Chris donate his time at my organization's (Center for Family Services) family success centers by offering FREE Budget 101 classes to members of our communities. Though he is not getting paid for his services, he brings the same energy, compassion, and dedication to the table as if he were! Many of our participants, after taking his class, have commented on his kind and funny personality and the comfort he brings while talking about something a difficult as their finances. They have walked away feeling more hopeful about their finances because Chris has made understanding the importance of a budget so much clearer! As the Volunteer Coordinator at CFS, Chris has been nothing but a pleasure to work with and treats us as if we are his own clients. He has gone above and beyond to be cooperative with Center for Family Services while also maintaining the integrity of Your Path Financial! It is always a pleasure Chris, the community and I thank you for your service! Thank you so much for all that you do over at Your Path Financial!

Volunteer Coordinator


I had attended a Your Path Financial Workshop held by Chris one night at a small group and he had opened my eyes to all the financial opportunities as well as all the false information that is out there.

I was encouraged to take control of my finances and my life in general. It was the ignition to the type of life I presently see myself in and I now know what being equipped for the future looks like.
- Phil

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One of my goals with our young adult group is to teach practical lessons. Financial literacy is on the top of that list. Having Chris as our guest speaker was informative and helpful. Everyone learned a lot and left feeling empowered that they could handle their finances. Chris presented the information in a clear and easy to understand way. We are so grateful.

Young Adult Leader


I asked Chris to come and speak to our teenager boys in church about their financial future, and he didn’t hesitate to say yes. He showed up, and did a wonderful job teaching them about how they have to prepare now if they want a successful future. I wouldn’t hesitate in asking him to speak again. He’s a good man.


Royal Rangers Commander

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